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In addition to choosing mop ends that match the task at hand, end users should pay close attention to the dust mop’s material content. According to distributors, the industry is moving toward microfiber dust mops because the material doesn’t need to be pre-treated and can hold a greater amount of soil.

It is important to  incorporate microfiber into our looped-end mop because of its unique cleaning properties.  It will pick up minute dirt and dust particles, even at a microbial level.

For this reason microfiber dust mops are popular in healthcare facilities.

It is recommended to use microfiber for any application, but particularly in a healthcare environment.   From an infection control standpoint custodians are looking to eliminate as much bacteria, debris and cross-contamination as possible.

Some microfiber dust mop heads are disposable, making them appropriate for applications such as mopping operating rooms where single-use, disposable products are commonplace. But the majority of microfiber dust mop heads are washable, which justifies their higher price tag.

The durability of microfiber far exceeds anything else.  They can be laundered repeatedly, so they become more cost-effective.

microfiber dust mops